A good word for the night

Well, I almost skipped a day. . .today. . .and didn’t write in my blog.  Okay, let’s just be honest.  I skipped a day already–yesterday.  And I am sure I will be skipping many, many, many more days.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be writing every day in my blog.  I have tons of things to do.  I am going to be writing another noveI l.  And I just got another job as a ColdFusionist again, which I love doing.  As much as I love writing, I also love being a ColdFusionist and writing code.  Plus, I am a full time mom.  Plus, there are many other passions I have that I like to devote my time to.  I would like to keep up with my blog more than I have since I started it.  That’s certainly what I intended when I started it.

I attended not long ago a conference that was called Authors After Dark.  Because of how busy my week was and everything I had going on, despite taking off of work, I didn’t get to enjoy everything I had originally intended to stay and participate in.  However, I did have a lot of fun with the things I did get to do.  I also met many authors. . .some independent and some not. . .and got quite a few free books to read.  So my reading list is now really long.  I am enjoying one of those books now. . .Trouble With a Cowboy by Sandy Sullivan.  It’s been a really good book so far.  I love the strong female character in her book, Jacie.  She actually reminds me in a lot of ways of the character in my book, Anna Khonda.  I was raised in a family that embraced the TRADITIONAL way. . .that is, the man is strong and carries the woman and works and brings home the bacon and all of that stuff, supporting the woman.  Well, although I would LOVE to have a man who could do all of that for me and more. . .and trust me, I have tried. . .I have found that life doesn’t always work out so well in that nice, neatly packaged little setup.  So I have come to admire strong women figures:  independent women and women who could do it all by themselves.  I have worked really hard to become one of those women.  And I am her. . .in the making.  I love how tomboyish the character in Ms. Sandy Sullivan’s book is.  That is another way she reminds me of Anna. . .how both of the characters do things that are traditionally thought to be only in the “male domain.”  I am enjoying her book thoroughly, and I am so glad and happy that I got a copy.  I will not hesitate once done to search out more of her books and read them.  That’s only one on a list that has grown of books that I have to read, though.  In addition, I have so much reading to do for work and other things that I am just so swamped.

Tonight was a stream-of-consciousness night.  My mind is just that way tonight and right now.  I have ADHD pretty bad, and I get in these modes sometimes where I just ramble on and on.  Hopefully, next time I write, I’ll be able to focus a little more.  But even with ADHD, I was still able to finish writing an entire novel (which, for someone who has ADHD, is challenging) and I also am able to work the job that I have as a ColdFusionist.  In spite of my ADHD, when I get really into something, I can get really focused.

Well, it is time for my mind to wander on to bed, as I have a full day tomorrow.  I wish everyone a great evening, sweet dreams, and wonderful day tomorrow as well.  Goodnight!


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