First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for my little girl.  She did great!  My book, Tales of the Anna Khonda, contains quite few passages concerning parenting.  Here is an excerpt from one such passage:

Anna’s mom left her daughter’s room and closed the door.  She leaned her head against
the wall outside Anna’s door, and a part of her sighed.  The reason a part of her sighed
is the same reason she had told Anna–that her little girl had grown up so fast and so
much faster than she should’ve had to.  Her heart went out so much to that little girl
sitting on the bed on the other side of the door, her head bent over her books, studying
so hard like no little girl her age should have to.  That little girl. . .her little girl.  She loved
her so much.  It hurt her heart to think of how quickly that poor little girl had to grow up
for reasons that were far beyond her control.
Yet she was also thankful.  Anna had proven to be such a blessing to her and had taught
her so many things.  She meant what she had said when she told Anna that Anna was
probably the smartest person she knew, even smarter than the adults she knew.
Obviously, of course, Anna didn’t have the actual knowledge that some of the adults
had. . .it wasn’t necessarily physically possible for Anna to have the actual knowledge
that adults have, but the way she caught onto things.  The way she learned things.  The
way she figured out things.  It was the way she systematically studied things until she
knew them, inside and out, more deeply than even most adults ever could.

Tales of the Anna Khonda even has a first day of school passage describing Anna’s sister’s first day of school .


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