Meeting My Character…In Real Life!

ImageI had just started the process of publishing my book when I ran smack into one of the characters from my book.  Okay.  I’m not sure he is exactly like one of the characters from my book from a personality standpoint, but he certainly looked like what I had envisioned physically when writing my book.  This character, Hector, was actually inspired personality-wise by an ex-boyfriend of mine.  He had a lot of my ex’s personality traits.  Believe me, this is NOT me getting hung up on an ex or not being able to get over him!  If you read my book, you’ll understand.

I attended a concert event last year.  I didn’t really run into him per se, physically, but I met him.  His name was Carlos, and he walked up to me, introduced himself, and shook my hand.  I was staring…maybe even practically drooling…over this somewhat strange, somewhat magical, and completely unique experience of the physical manifestation of one of my characters…it was like he materialized out of thin air.  I tried not to be rude and stare him down or give him the creeps, but I probably did.  He disappeared shortly after that, and I never saw him again.  But it was fun.

On a somewhat related note about the physical appearance of this particular character of mine (and for the record…he looks NOTHING like my ex even though he is a lot like him personality-wise; it was necessary for me to make him nothing like him looks-wise), I also saw a character on The Voice singing competition one year that looked like my character:  Diego.

ImageI had a great experience publishing my book.  So if anyone who is reading this decides to publish a book, I have nothing but good to say about my publisher, Outskirts Press.  You can click on the link that the word “Outskirts Press” makes if you’d like to go and check them out.  Or you can click on this beautiful little picture link I’ll post below, for your convenience and to spice things up a little bit:

ImageI was very pleased.  Getting my author’s copies of my books in the mail brought me more excitement than I could adequately describe in words.  It was pretty special that it was right around Christmas, even if it was a little late.  It was like a nice, late Christmas early birthday present for me.  My birthday comes right after Christmas.  But that was a pretty good early birthday present for me.  It was very exciting…something I had wanted to do and had dreamed of doing for a very long time.  And now it is time to start getting to work on the next step after publishing:  appearances, events, signings, and things like that.  I am getting geared up and ready to go!


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